Timeline: (12 Weeks)                                          
Role: Solo personal project 
Tools: InDesign, Illustrator, Adobe XD     ​​​​​​​
Scope: Logo development, Concept, Wireframes, Prototype 
A lack of motivation is a common thread of why people don’t accomplish their goals.
As a person that is goal oriented, I have difficulties to stay consistent when accomplishing a goal. I noticed when I have motivation, it helps me to become consistent when accomplishing my goals. This sparked the question- Does motivation drive initiative and productivity?
Motivation is key
Competitive Analysis 
I analyzed 3 most popular apps surrounding productivity of achieving goals. I found that almost none of the apps had accounted for their users to have motivation to achieve their goals. This then became my opportunity for a solution. 
What do we know?
People have a hard time committing and accomplishing their goals. They are either too busy, lazy, or procrastinate. A lack of motivation is a common thread of why people don’t accomplish their goals. It all stems down to lack of motivation. If you are motivated you can accomplish anything.
What do we want to know?
Why is it hard for users to accomplish their goals? 
If users accomplish their goals, what is the biggest thing that leads them to accomplish that goal? 
Does motivation drive initiative and productivity?
If people were more motivated, would that make them more inclined to accomplish their goals?
Conducted: 19 Surveys and 3 User Interviews
Affinity diagram
User Interview Insights based on questions: 
Main Insight
Based on the trends in my affinity map, I've noticed that its hard to commit to a goal due to accountability and lack of motivation. Accountability can be solved by having an accountability partner or a group of people committed to complete the same goal. A lack of motivation can be solved by splitting the goal up into smaller milestones that will provide more opportunities for having a reward.
The Final Screens
The Final Product
Click the button below to view my Adobe XD App prototype
Conclusions + Lessons Learned
What I'd do differently next time. 
This was my first ever UX/UI project! (yay!) I'm grateful I went through the entire process to experience designing an app and creating a prototype. Here are a few things I've learned: 
1. Focus more on Insights rather than craving more questions 
2. Iterate as much as you can
3. Turn your failures into lessons
4. More Iterations

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