Hello! My name is Ariel Robinson, also known as Lanie. I’m a designer currently based in the Washington, D.C. area that is passionate about creativity and expression in my work. I have an educational background with a BFA degree in graphic design with a minor in animation. I love the art of storytelling and designing with a narrative. I appreciate designing for impactful causes and initiatives. I'm constantly challenging myself in various design practices to learn and develop my skill set overall. I embrace all cultures and bring my understanding into the designs I create. 

Whether it is motion, branding, package, UI or illustration design, I use innovative design thinking to meet business goals. I am passionate about people's stories and invested with the transformative ways of design. 

Outside the world of design, you'll find me enjoying delicious coffee drinks (preferably a mocha latte), listening to music, or doing photography.

Feel free to contact me on my social links. Let’s grab a coffee or chat sometime!
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