Name: Walk your Purpose

Mission Statement: For my senior capstone project, I decided to create a motion reel about topics relating to life obstacles and self-discovery. My capstone is called “Walk your Purpose” simply meaning to walk in your own destiny. In this motion reel, I display typographic visual elements implementing topics of social media, control, and independence.
Backstory: In my teenage years, I had a negative, doubtful mindset. As an adult, I acknowledged this mindset and my internal understanding of my thoughts. I realized this was not the person I wanted to be, and to be a person I want to become, I had to change my internal behaviors and how I treat myself. It took a lot of talking, writing out all my emotions, and realizing past trauma to move forward. I realize everyone has different paths of self-discovery and sometimes paths can lead towards a designated plan or unexpected outcome. Every person is walking their purpose. Hence, the title of this project. I wanted to do a motion graphic typographically explaining common elements that affect people’s lives including topics of social media, having control, and finding independence.
The Process

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